Parts & Service Solutions For Your Robotic Cutting Head

Laser Mech Replacement Parts & Service now offers full support of the GSI Group®/Lumonics® Silver Robotic Cutting Head. With the recent addition of Gerry Hermann to the Laser Mech RPS team and the many years of experience with the Silver Head he brings, we are now your leading source for parts and service.

We stock a full line of consumable spare parts and provide complete repair and rebuild services for the Silver Robotic Cutting Head.

Laser Mech RPS also offers upgrades to the Silver Robotic Cutting Head to take advantage of new innovations, cost saving components and plug-compatible replacements for obsolete parts. You can also upgrade your Silver Head to use a Fiber or Disk Laser.

A partial list of available consumables is provided below. For more information regarding consumables and repair services available, contact us via email or toll-free at (800) 207-9014.


Part No. Reference Description
PLGJT0625 605213-002 1.75mm Orifice Nozzle
PLCAB0438 831151-001 Sensor Cable
PLISR0027 605216-001 Outer Insulator
PLWFS0028 834072-001 Window FS 28mm x 1mm
PLDYL0006 834345-001 YAG Lens 30mm Dia. 60mm FL
PLDYL0007 834347-001 YAG Lens 30mm Dia. 100mm FL