Contact Head

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Contact Head

Complete Head Assembly

Part No. Reference Description
PLACC0089 909517 Contact Head, 5.0" / 7.5" FL (1.5" Dia. Lens)

Head Sub-Assembly

Item Part No. Reference Description
1 PLADR0111 909504 Adapter Ring
1A PLSCR0002   SHCS 1/4-20 x 6.50" Long
Lens Holder
2 PLALH0034 909359 Adjustable Lens Holder
2A PLLRN0002 909320 1.5" Lens Retainer Nut
2B PLLOR0001 912778 1.5" Lens O-ring
2C PLLSR0001 909321 1.5" Lens Seal Ring
2D PLMSR0001 922239 Manifold Seal Ring
Upgrade to Front Adjusting Lens Holder
3 PLSBW0036 922882 Water-Cooled Spacer Block – 0.50" Thick, 1/8" NPT
3A PLSBS0001 908575 Water-Cooled Spacer Block Seal Kit
3B PLFTG0020   Jumper 1/8" Tubing w/Fittings
4 PLLMB0001 909360 Lens Manifold Block
4A PLAJS0001 909330 Lens Adjuster Screw
4B PLLTS0001 908121 Lens Thumb Screw
5 PLEMS0001 909361 Empty Manifold Seal
5A PLMSR0001 922239 Manifold Seal Ring
6 PLDID0001   Dial Indicator
6A PLDIB0001 909328 Dial Indicator Bracket
7 PLSBA0001 909357 Air-Cooled Spacer Block – 1.00" Thick
7A PLSBS0002   Air-Cooled Spacer Block Seal Kit
7B PLDLP0001 909307 Dowel Pin (Diamond)
7C PLDLP0002 922466 Dowel Pin (Round)
Gas Jet Manifold
8 PLGJM0110 909329 Gas Jet Manifold
8A PLSFL0001 910543 Surface Follower Guard Lock
8B PLSFB0001   Surface Follower Guard Lock Block
8C PLMOR0001   Sliding Barrel O-ring
8D PLSBL0006 909366 Sliding Barrel
8E PLLUB0006 922822 Non-Flammable Lubricating Oil (1 oz.)
Follower Guard & Tip Retainer
9 PLSFG0016 909368 Surface Follower Guard
9A PLVSR0001 907473 Vernier Seal Ring
9B PLBTR0001 907468 Ball Transfer
9C PLBTR0004   Ball Transfer w/Lube Hole
9D PLTRT0001 909267 Tip Retainer Tool
10 PLTRA0009 907677 Tip Retainer Nut w/Seal Ring
10A PLMSR0002 907472 Manifold Seal Ring
11 PLGJT0031 907470 0.060" Orifice – 0.050" Standoff Nozzle
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