Saturn IV Head

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Saturn IV Non-Contact Head

Complete Head Assembly

Part No. Reference Description
PLACF0153 924729 Saturn IV Non-Contact Head, 5.0" / 7.5" FL (1.5" / 2.0" Dia. Lens)

Head Sub-Assembly

Item Part No. Reference Description
1 PLADR0330   Magnetic Breakaway Flange
1A PLSCR0005 908532 SHCS 1/4-20 x 4.5" Long
2 PLSBA0156 925001 Air-Cooled Spacer Block – 0.250" Thick
2A PLMOR0002   Spacer Block O-ring
3 PLLMB0084   Lens Manifold Block
3A PLDLP0002 922466 Dowel Pin (Round)
3B PLDLP0001 922470 Dowel Pin (Diamond)
4 PLEMS0018 924742 Empty Manifold Seal
4A PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
4B PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
5 PLSBA0144   Air-Cooled Spacer Block – 1.00" Thick
5A PLMOR0017   Spacer Block O-ring
5B PLMOR0020   Spacer Block O-ring
5C PLDLP0005   Dowel Pin 1/4 x 1/2
6 PLSBW0056   Water-Cooled Spacer Block
Lens Holders
7 PLALH0088 924709 1.5" Lens Holder
7A PLLRN0002 909320 1.5" Lens Retainer Nut
7B PLLOR0001 912778 1.5" Lens O-ring
7C PLLSR0001 909321 1.5" Lens Seal Ring
7D PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
7E PLAJS0003   Lens Adjuster Screw – 1.75"
7F PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
8 PLALH0089 924710 2.0" Lens Holder
8A PLLRN0023   2.0" Lens Retainer Nut
8B PLLOR0002 922487 2.0" Lens O-ring
8C PLLSR0003 922474 2.0" Lens Seal Ring
8D PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
8E PLAJS0003   Lens Adjuster Screw – 1.75"
8F PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
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9 PLSBA0145   Air-Cooled Spacer Block – 0.100" Thick
9A PLMOR0021   Spacer Block O-ring
Gas Jet Manifold
10 PLGJM0190 924743 Gas Jet Manifold – 3.20" Series
10A PLLAB0003   Vertical Scale for Gas Jet Manifolds
10B PLSCR0009 923018 Brass-Tipped Set Screw (Sliding Barrel)
10C PLMSR0003 922471 Manifold Seal Ring
10D PLMSR0011 923790 Dust Wiper Seal Ring
10E PLSCR0028   Brass-Tipped Set Screw (Numeric Ring)
10F PLMOR0015   O-ring for Sliding Barrel
10G PLMOR0001   O-ring for Tip Adapter Flange
10H PLLUB0006 922822 Non-Flammable Lubricating Oil (1 oz.)
Capacitive Tip Assembly Components
11 PLTRA0346 923257 Tip Assembly With Shield (See Item 12 for details)
11A PLSLD0002 923381 Rapid Pierce Shield
12 PLTRA0328   Height Sensing Tip Without Shield
12A PLTRA0159 923843 Top-Threaded Retainer Ring
12B PLSCR0016   4-40 x 0.25" SHSS
12C PLISR0009 923631 Copper-Lined Insulator Hub
12D PLFRK0011 923411 Field Repair Kit
12E PLTOR0007   Tip Assembly O-ring
12F PLTRA0321 923021 Tip Retainer Nut
12G PLGJT0039 909660 0.060" Orifice Non-Contact Nozzle
12H PLCON0013   SMA Connector
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Additional Tools & Accessories (Not Shown)

Part No. Reference Description
PLKIT0052   Saturn IV Seal Kit
PLLIT0017 925210 1.5" / 2.0" Lens Insertion Tool
PLSPW0018 923890-X Tip Spanner Wrench
PLTTW0002 909654/922686 Tip Transformer Wire – 4.5" Long (White)
PLTTW0015 842951 Tip Transformer Wire – 5.5" Long (Brown)
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